Innocente Burger

Founder and Owner, PerformForward

Self-Development, Interpersonal Communication
Team Building, Team Building
Innocente Burger


Innocente is the owner and founder of PerformForward. Using a people-centric approach she assists businesses to improve employee engagement - resulting in increased productivity and performance - for businesses with remote/virtual teams, co-located teams and hybrid teams. The company name honours the forward-focused approach she developed based on over 20 years of business experience in various disciplines, including psychology, human resource consulting, organisational development, internal communications, customer service, project management and marketing. 

Innocente is a Global Gallup Strengths certified coach and uses this approach to help individuals, executives and teams to understand their talents and how these can be used for optimal business performance. 

Innocente is the host of Performance Café, where she shares her insights and interviews interesting guests in her bi-weekly blog on the topic of increasing productivity and performance. 

Innocente is also a Professional Speaker and her most recent keynote is called #TGIMonday: Taking Monday's from Manic to Magic.